they are observable signals that are transmitted from a sender to a receiver.

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    It connects the sender and receiver. This is usually the air around the sender and receiver. If the sender uses a microphone or other device, it becomes part of the channel. The quality of a channel depends on how free it is from noise. Noise is anything that reduces the quality of the signal sent by the sender over the channel, weakening the communication between the sender and the receiver.

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    Signal Transmission All animal signals degrade as they travel between sender and receiver. The further apart the two sides are, the greater this degradation will be and the less the signal will stand out from the background noise. There is little that senders can do to reduce degradation once the signals have left the sender.

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    Observable signals transmitted by sender and receiver. Channel. Refers to the medium to which the message was sent. The noise. Anything that reduces the quality of the signal being sent. Reviews. A message transmitted by a receiver in response to a message from a speaker. Types of communication. – Intrapersonal.

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    observable signals are transmitted from sender to receiver spoken words signals that are heard printed words printed symbols that can be read sign language hand signals that are visible Braille for the blind verbal symbols come from utterances that come from the speaker's mouth non-verbal come from body movements except mouth grunting

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    A radio transmitter consists of several elements that work together to produce radio waves that carry useful information such as audio video or digital data. Power supply Provides the electrical power required to operate the transmitter. Oscillator Produces alternating current at the frequency at which the transmitter will transmit.