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    The role of quality control or QC personnel is to inspect products for both quality and quantity during the manufacturing process. What is the salary of a quality control officer? Salaries for QC workers in Indonesia range from IDR 3 to 4 million per month. At the highest level, the salary they receive can reach IDR 10-15 million per month.

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    Quality Control Responsibilities Every company or manufacturer needs quality control, regardless of whether it is a manufacturing or food company. The general task of the quality control department is to check the quality and visual appearance of the products and check it manually or by technology. In addition, it also monitors testing and checks all stages of production.

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    Quality control is responsible for the inspection of products both in terms of quality and quantity during the production process, starting from the selection of raw materials for the processing of raw materials into semi-finished products to the final production results in order to obtain the necessary quality standards.

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    3 Quality control tasks 3.1 1. Planning of operational activities of quality control 3.2 2. Management of operational activities of quality control 3.3 3. Performance of operational activities of quality control 3.4 4. Analysis and reporting of operational activities of quality control 3.5 5. Control of implementation of quality control Operations

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    www.ekrut.com › media › quality controlQuality Control Definition how it works Benefits Responsibilities and … www.ekrut.com › media › quality control Cached What is quality control? How Quality Control Works Benefits of Quality Control Important Aspects of Quality Control Duties and Responsibilities of Quality Control Quality Control Work Quality control ensures the quality of a product before it leaves the factory and is distributed (source Freepik). According to terminology, quality control is the process of ensuring that the quality of a product is good or improved according to predetermined criteria. Of course, this criterion applies not only to the company, but also t… See the full list at ekrut.com It is very important to record test results as a reference for further improvements and performance (Source Pexels) In general, the application of quality control is the verification and evaluation of the feasibility of the product before implementation . It is important for companies to have the right product quality control with the right staff to… See full list at ekrut.com Quality control is a business responsibility that brings many benefits (Source Pexels) For ordinary people, quality control is a responsibility that is clearly fulfilled. In fact, this process greatly affects the production and the company. By implementing quality control procedures and producing the best quality products, the level of consumer trust… See full list at ekrut.com Thoroughness and focus influence the inspection process (Source Unsplash) After knowing the steps and benefits of quality control, there are 3 main aspects, which must be implemented for this process to work properly. If something is lame from this aspect, the product will not meet the standards and the company will suffer losses. For a full list, see ekrut.com QA staff must correct errors in products before distribution (source Pexels) In general, the duties and responsibilities of QA staff are the same, although the industry and product output are different. It can be concluded as follows. See the full list at ekrut.com. Many jobs in quality control (Source Pexels) The quality control department has several jobs with specific roles in product quality assurance. Each company has its own name, but in general it goes like this. See ekrut.com for a full list