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    Classification of local languages ​​in the Aru family group language area of ​​Peru. The family, whose northern branch is well-known demographically and historically, suffered from the expansion of the Quechua language, while the southern branch still has many speakers. Northern Aru Jaqaru Yauyos Kawki Yauyos Southern Aru Aymara Puno Aruanas. A small family with languages ​​in Brazil and Peru.

    What language is spoken in Peru? – World Atlas › articles › what-language-doWhat language is spoken in Peru? – WorldAtlas › articles › what-language-do Cached Peru's official language Peru's aboriginal languages ​​Peru's foreign language The need to protect Peru's indigenous languages ​​Spanish is the official language of Peru and is spoken by more than 84% of Peruvians. The Peruvian government administration, the Peruvian education system and the national media use Spanish as the main medium of communication. For a full list, see The many aboriginal languages ​​in Peru are spoken primarily by the indigenous people who live in Peru's Amazon forests and central Andes region. Some of these languages ​​are extinct, such as the Mochica language, or are in the process of disappearing. Although nearly 300 to 700 aboriginal languages ​​were spoken in Peru prior to this… See full list at Although most immigrants to Peru have adopted Spanish, some communities continue to speak their native language. Foreign languages ​​such as Japanese Chinese Italian German Arabic Urdu and some other languages ​​are common among these small immigrant groups in Peru. English is also gaining some degree of popularity in Peru because… See full list at Many indigenous Peruvian languages ​​are endangered today. Urbanized parts of the country have largely moved away from their indigenous roots and have adopted foreign languages ​​such as Spanish as their primary means of communication. Thus, the country's government believes that it is necessary to preserve the indigenous people in Peru… View the entire list at By Oishimaya Sen Nag

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    Peruvian languages. In the pre-Hispanic era, the Incas spread their Quechua language throughout the highlands and the coast, although some groups near Lake Titicaca spoke Aymara at the time of the Spanish conquest. Quechua and Aymara are still common and are officially used alongside Spanish in regions where they are widely spoken.

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    The linguistic complexity of the nations is evident in Article 48 of Peru's political constitution, which officially recognizes and allows for different languages ​​among the nations. The official languages ​​of the country are Spanish and wherever they prevail Quechua Aymara and other native languages ​​according to law. Spanish

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    Official languages ​​Spanish; Quechua (local); Aymara (local) See all facts and statistics → Summary Read a short summary of this topic Cathedral Plaza de Armas Lima in the western South American country of Peru. Except for the Lake Titicaca basin in the southeast, its borders lie in sparsely populated areas.