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    Wednesday ( – dey ) proper noun 1. (day of the week) a. el miércoles (M) My cousin is coming to visit next Wednesday. El próximo miércoles viene mi primo de visita. Copyright © Curiosity Media Inc. Wednesday Noun 1. (general) a. el miércoles (M) Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited Wednesday noun miércoles (m) Tuesday

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    Wednesday in Spanish Translation miércoles en español Play Copy Exchange Proofread Translated Show more translations Word by word Examples Examples have not been reviewed. This newsletter wants to inform you every Wednesday in Spanish about news and events for those who live temporarily in Santiago.

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    Spanish translation miércoles More Spanish words for Wednesday el miércoles noun midweek cuñáis Wednesday Find more words! Wednesday See also in English Today is Wednesday Hoy es Miercoles next Wednesday adverb próximo miércoles el miércoles próximo last Wednesday noun el miércoles pasado miércoles pasado Ash Wednesday noun Miércoles de ceniza

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    Wednesday noun countable-uncountable / ˈwɛnzdeɪ -di/ the day after Tuesday and before Thursday miércoles masculine singular It starts on Wednesday. Epieza el miércoles. It starts on Wednesday. Epieza el miércoles I go to the gym on Wednesdays. Voy al gimnasio los miércoles. next/last Wednesday próximo miércoles pasado miércoles

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    Wednesday n (day of the week) miércoles nm inv See you on Wednesday, shall we? El miércoles nos vemos ¿cierto? Wednesday n as adj (happens on Wednesday) (evento repetitivo) de los miércoles loc adj del miércoles loc adj My Wednesday routine includes taking the kids to daycare, shopping and catching up on work.

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    Wednesday is the day after Tuesday and before Thursday. Come and dine with us on Wednesday if you are free. American English Wednesday / -di ˈwɛnzdeɪ /. Arabic الَأرْبِعَاء. Brazilian Portuguese quarta-feira. Chinese 星期三. Croatian srijeda. Czech Wednesday. Danish onsdag.