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    The translation of a hundred(s) can be a hundred or a hundred, I have to write a hundred pages…

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    hundred masculine noun / θjen/ ten times ten hundreds One hundred is my lucky number. One hundred is my lucky number. When the needle reaches one hundred, turn off the machine. one hundred percent and completely to one hundred percent I am one hundred percent sure. I am one hundred percent sure. You can trust what I tell you is one hundred percent sure.

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    cien British English hundred / ˈhʌndrəd / NUMBER One hundred is the number 100. American English hundred / ˈhʌndrɪd / Arabic مِئَةٌ Brazilian Portuguese cem Chinese 一百 Korean 百 百 百 百 百 German sto Czech sto h Danish hundred Dutch honderd sa European Spanish cien honderd sa 100

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    cien (also centeno cento) hundred noun And then we sent him once more to his people about a hundred thousand people or more After a hundred days we will use the euro at least financially. In a hundred days we will be using the euro, at least in the financial sector.

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    The translation of a hundred (to) can be a hundred or a hundred Tengo que escribir cien páginas I have to write ao a hundred pages. He died at the age of one hundred and twenty. However, a hundred should always be used when the hundred (to) is after another number

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