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    see you later – hasta luego See post see you later. See you later! – Hasta luego! See the post See you later!. see you later Add to list hasta luego Vocabulary examples Pronunciation Thesaurus Spanish Slang Phrasebook see you later ( si yu ley – duhr ) phrase 1. (goodbye) a. hasta luego I'm afraid I have to leave. – OK GOOD.

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    See you later in the weekend. Nos vemos más tarde en el fin de semana. See you later …

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    10 ways to say "see you soon" in Spanish? – Nos vemos pronto. – See you soon – Hasta luego. – See you later – Nos vemos en un ratito. – We will meet in a little while. – Cuídate mucho nos vemos en unos días. – Take care of yourself, we'll see you in a few days. – Cuídate mucho nos vemos muy pronto.

    10 friendly ways to say "See you later" in Spanish. › see-you-later-in-spanish 10 Friendly Ways to Say "See You Later" in Spanish › see-you-later-in-spanish CachedHasta luego – see you later. "Hasta" means "until" and "luego" means "later" or "then", so "hasta luego" usually means "see you later" or "goodbye". Nos vemos / Ahí nos vemos – See you / See you around. "Nos vemos" is the Spanish equivalent of "see you" or "see you around". It's a little less formal than 'hasta luego' – so you'll definitely hear it around friends and family, but it's also polite enough to use in formal conversations. Hasta pronto / Hasta la próxima – See you soon. If you want to say 'see you soon' (instead of 'see you later'), in Spanish you can say 'hasta pronto' instead of 'hasta luego'. Hasta + día de la semana – See you on + day of the week. If you have a specific day to meet again, just say "hasta" followed by "el" (masculine) and then the day of the week "lunes" "martes" "miércoles" "jueves" "viernes" "sábado". and "domingo".

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    How to say see you later in Spanish Translation nos vemos más tarde More Spanish words for See you later! Hasta luego! interjection So long! Goodbye! Goodbye! See you soon! Goodbye! te veo luego see you later hasta tarde see you later Find more words! see you later See also in English see you nos vemos later adjective adverb